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JOY: After two years in BPAL, finally, finally catching a bottle of my HOLY GRAIL!

PAIN: After having the bottle for less than a year, and being afraid to use any of it, having to sell it to be able to pay my car registration

(Thanks alot CA~~ for doubling my registration fee when you'd only raised my friend's by $35.00...thanks alot)

HEALING: Still waiting for that to come....I doubt it will ever

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Joy -- seeing a sale post with a list that could have been designed as Zia-bait and it's at a reasonable price!

Pain -- getting the paypal address and realizing it was posted by a known scammer.

Relief -- figuring it out BEFORE sending the money!

(deets here)

Shoulda done a screencap before messaging her back so I'd have "proof". Thought of it too late.

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Hello: I have an odd request--has anyone come across any scent that could be possibly described as burning leaves?
x-posted a bit.
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I purchased a bottle of Velvet Pink Kitty (which i really wanted, i had a decant and loved it, used the whole thing!) from a LJ sale. The lovely gal who sold it to me sent promptly, with DC. When the package hadn't reached me (in PA) from NY state after a week, we both became concerned and began contacting USPS to find out what the delay might be. Long story short, USPS delivered the package to the completely wrong address, which turned out to be a huge QVC returns center, and we will likely never see the package again :( It would figure that the bottle i was able to purchase for a reasonable (non-ebay) price got lost, and i haven't seen any for sale since. So sad. The seller was extremely kind and refunded me half the purchase price, and will refund the remainder if she is able to get the full value back from USPS, she worked with me every step of the way. I don't fault her at all. This was strictly a USPS snafu.
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That I won't be in California until the.weekend.after the trunk show & Convergence~
I'm OVERJOYED that I found a very sweet & generous soul to pick up some bottles for me <3 =)

Also, ditto to 10dimensions' post below. I've run into quite a few of those *common courtesy does not exist* types, lately, *sigh*.

(I just discovered this comm, d'oh!)

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So here is a brief tale of BPAL pleasure.

I have two favorite winter scents that are hard to obtain--one is Gluhwein and the other is Gingerbread Poppet 04.

In a three day period, I received bottles of both (one through a trade, one through a very reasonably priced purchase).

Now my only issue is which comfort scent to wear today...or should I try Agape?

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Joy: Putting in my maximum bid on Ebay for a full bottle of Strawberry Moon, then coming back online to find that I won the auction... and for dirt cheap, no one even bid against me! I was so excited!

Pain: Getting an email later from the seller who cancelled the auction and refunded me, saying the bottle broke when she was preparing to package it. *cries*

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I just had a rather embarassing experience at work a few weeks ago involving BPAL :( 

My first BPAL love and favorite scent is Samhain.  I'd just gotten Samhain 08 and was thrilled to try it on before I went to work that day.  Maybe I got overzealous and put too much on, I'm not sure.  Samhain has a few strong notes - or at least some that amplify a lot on my skin.  I thought I smelled reasonably nice though, and went to work not thinking about it.

Shortly into my shift, some old guy behind the counter starts complaining to my coworker about the "smelly air freshener" we had down there, and how it was making it hard to breathe for him.  We had NO air freshener of any kind down there, and I realized he was talking about me.  I was slightly mortified, but said nothing to indicate it was me. 

I felt pretty crappy about it.  Nobody else said anything about my scent - in fact I'd gotten compliments on wearing Samhain before.  Perhaps the man was allergic to one of the notes or something? 

I still love my Samhain but I no longer wear it to work :(
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Pain: 6 bottles waiting for now more than 1 week while I'm too ill to sniff or enjoy sniffing...and Halloweenie testers on their way!

Joy: Oh all the lovely things I'll have to test when I'm better!

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pain: finding two bottles in one week that seemingly completely leaked. one must have fallen behind my nightstand and lain on its side for ages (goodbye, snake oil) and one was a bottle of marshmallow poof that also maybe was on it's side? i found the bottle on my unused computer desk, again completely dry of oil and with a label that looks oil stained. this means i have too much laying around in the first place when i don't even notice for months and months, but still strikes me as extremely odd since the lids seemed to be secure. either way i am out of two prized bottles.

joy: not getting ripped off for a wishlist rarity. a friend recommended a scent to me earlier that i know is hard to get, and i found a whole bottle within the hour by chance. i was preparing a package for said friend, and sent her a frottle just to pass some love on lol

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