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BPAL · heartbreaks · and · healings

When your favorite scent is someone else's nightmare...

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I just had a rather embarassing experience at work a few weeks ago involving BPAL :( 

My first BPAL love and favorite scent is Samhain.  I'd just gotten Samhain 08 and was thrilled to try it on before I went to work that day.  Maybe I got overzealous and put too much on, I'm not sure.  Samhain has a few strong notes - or at least some that amplify a lot on my skin.  I thought I smelled reasonably nice though, and went to work not thinking about it.

Shortly into my shift, some old guy behind the counter starts complaining to my coworker about the "smelly air freshener" we had down there, and how it was making it hard to breathe for him.  We had NO air freshener of any kind down there, and I realized he was talking about me.  I was slightly mortified, but said nothing to indicate it was me. 

I felt pretty crappy about it.  Nobody else said anything about my scent - in fact I'd gotten compliments on wearing Samhain before.  Perhaps the man was allergic to one of the notes or something? 

I still love my Samhain but I no longer wear it to work :(
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On October 1st, 2008 08:12 pm (UTC), luckystar37 commented:
I tend to like Samhain the next year. Like, last year's smells fantastic to me now, and last year I wasn't wearing the 07 (I think it was 05, but I'm not sure). So maybe with time the scent will morph into something everyone can love :)
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