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Pain is...

Opening a package to find one of those ominous "Checked by customs" slips inside, and finding that

a) Your bottle of Yerevan has a soaked label which is nearly falling off
b) Your bottle of Pumpkin Patch #2 is also soaked
c) The sample tester vial in a little plastic bag is shattered, and the oil has warped the label so much that you have no idea what it contains.


Thankyou, Shelldoo-- they finally arrived. I guess I know where the delay was. :(

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pissed off pissed off
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OK, just to preface this post because it has the potential to serve as flame bait: I'm not angry at any specific individual, and "angry" is even too strong of a word. I'm also deeply depressed and anxious this week, have had my sleep schedule thrown off thanks to having a brain that isn't healthy because of depression and anxiety and can't, for several reasons, talk to really anyone about the 20 or so things that are really bothering, stressing out and upsetting me.

So, I'll complain about the one minor thing that has mildly irritated me instead.

Also, I'm painfully aware at how petty, bratty and whiny this post sounds.

It sometimes irks me slightly to see reviews or discussion of an LE blend (beyond the "omg doesn't this look exciting!" type) go up within a week of their appearance on the site - and if they go live right before a Lunacy as the Halloweenies did, sometimes within days. I'm not annoyed at the people who post the reviews or who get to try them. I think that's great that they can, and sometimes their comments help me decide if I want to join a decant circle or not. I'm just annoyed that I live very close to California (Utah) and, thanks to financial and transportation issues (including not being able to drive thanks to mental illness) I'll never be able to attend a Will Call and be one of those people who gets to post reviews a week or three days or however soon after a Lunacy/Halloween/Yule/Lupercalia/special series like the Tiki Lounge goes live. Instead, even though I'm geographically much closer to the Lab than many people, I end up getting my decants up to two months later when people are already making sale/swap posts that include the ones they tried at least a month before I did.

Like I said, I'm not mad at anyone. This isn't a, "OMG U PPLZ SUKZORZ BCAUZ U GET UR BPALZ FURST!!11" post. I'm just annoyed at my particular situation and, thanks to being depressed and anxious over legitimate crap, it's probably bugging me a lot more this week than it normally would/should/could.

I also know that anyone who isn't a US citizen is probably rolling his or her eyes at me right now. To which I say, "You're totally right."
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blah blah
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Pain: In an exceedingly hurried move, nearly throwing away some of your very favorite BPALs that were in a separate bag from a semi-recent trip out of town.

Joy: Catching yourself at the last minute, and making sure to put them in one of the bags going out to your car for the very last load in a day full of moving stuff by the carload.

Pain: Searching through all the bags you specifically moved first, and not finding said BPALs.

Joy: A month and a half later, having still not unpacked the back of the car(had some employment issues and high HIGH stress), find the missing BPALs while searching for something vaguely snacky.


YAY Pirate Moon, i did not lose thee!

* * *
Realistically, nothing that reaches below the bottom of the stopper can be called full. We already lose oil to the dauber and cap, so NO vial can be called full. No one would fill it up full. However, let's not make it even less than full by filling it less than is necessary to keep it from squirting out everywhere the first time it's capped. 

If it's 2/3 full, I'm not going to bid/pay the same for a vial. I'm tired of paying for a full vial, being told it's full and receiving much less. It's just not fair to call not-full items full. I've probably lost $40 over the last 6 months due to bidding/paying more than I would have had I known the actual level.

I'm not the only one disenchanted with this issue.

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I've been bummed and in pain alot because of my damaged tendons in my left arm, which is made worse by my being left handed. It's been going on since 5/1/08 and is NO fun. Then I got laid off at the end of July due to my employer having company wide layoffs due to financial troubles. I admit, I have just gotten more bummed each week

I have just found out I am the Object of a Cheer Up Chat project. Everytime I get a gift, I do my usual:: get all teary eyed and feel happy flustered. I feel all sappy and Sally Field Like (You must like you really really like me!) **LOL**

In the last few days I have gotten some amazing packages from some amazing ladies.

rachel2205 sent me a beautiful dragonfly windchime (i keep aiming a fan at it to keep it tinkling :P) **hugs the Pale Jewel**

jessiekins sent me a thank you package for doing a Will Call Run for her. It is a necklace that perfectly matches a pair of Dragonfly earrings I got off Etsy months ago. Jessiekins, your thank you is really great! I do not ask for thank yous because I love helping peoples get their BPAL so your package was a lovely surprise :)

rawgirl75 sent me package full of impies (yay for Phoenixes) and tiny candies, because she is considerate of my desire to not increase an already big butt :P and a beautiful pair of brass filigreed drop earrings with red stones (I am wearing them now) **hugs the cutie pie niece**

wren08 has sent a box full of Elvis LPs. I love Elvis, grew up with an Elvis Fan who was the mother of my best childhood friend, and so these were a wonderful gift. Today I received a birthday card from her, with Elvis on the front. **hugs the (quilt) stuffin out of Wren**

I just wanted to say what is probably pretty obvious::: Thank you to these wonderful ladies.

The BPAL community as a whole is pretty wonderful if you ask me~~ From what I have heard about other fan communities, we might be an exception to the rule. We are generous, sharing and caring and we have a togetherness that goes even beyond the beautiful blends that we share a common love/addiction for :)

Have a wonderful day to you all reading this, and thank you again to these fabulous ladies who have been so generous !
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grateful grateful
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Elegba is the ONLY blend that I've actually used up 2 bottles worth (if you see my bottles i'd say 95% of them barley made a dent..i like to smell some only, not necessary wearing them ;P )!. However, my recent order of the bottle just doesnt smell the same. :( It lacks of that deep sugared boozy rum with hint of coconut tobacca goodness that I just adore(I feel so goddamn sexy with this oil) 

I know I need to let the bottle sit for a bit but my previous bottles all have had the instant Elegba characteristic that I recognize!!! New bottle has little or none of the deep creamy tone(both in the bottle and on the skin)....and I smell a hint of cinnamon instead!!! I want to tell myself that maybe, just maybe the lab made a mistake on the label! LOL Is that even possible? SIGH

Then there's Akuma...my old imps give the blend a very shapr neroli rapsberry jolt...Which I didnt mind, just takes a while for it to mallow out and for my nose to love it. The NEW imp with my Elegba order basically smells the SAME, except the over all tone of the blend is much, much lighter....and therefore, actually MORE plesant for this nose!!. The "fresh" Akuma releases the beautiful blood orange with raspberry neroli so elegantly...It doesnt have that sharp, heavy, cold feel like the old! Each notes is there and gives a "faded" quality without poor staying power..  I feel that over all the blends from 2007 to 2008 ALL have a lighter feel than those of the past. Smells the SAME, but lighter and more "diffused" .. 

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sad sad
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because I'm dying to play the Chaos Theory game. 
I might actually be jealous of those who have.  ;)
yup I think I am. 

The only cure I can think of for that is to shower and slather in something I haven't worn in a long time. Maybe Midway 05...

* * *
Joy:  Went to an auction here in town, bid on a box of pretty bottles and got about a bushel's worth for $4.  Cobalt, green, some hand-blown, and in the bottom several smaller bottles wrapped in cloth.  Opened it up and *hyperventilating*  TWO Voodoo Queen, three Storyville, several I don't even recognize about two dozen in all and they appear to be in good condition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pain:  The puppy woke me to go out and all the lovely bottles went away in a *pop*.

Darn dog.

* * *
I placed an order for Penumbra and Crawdad on the night they went live (17th) and got a click and ship earlier tonight (22nd).  FIVE DAYS.

How insane is that??? *excited*

* * *
Expensive Blue Moon 04 that was actually lotus moon and my FULL vial of my dear Voodoo Queen for a 1/2 (not advertised as such!) vial of Storyville. Can you see my tears? 
* * *
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